North Shore Challenge Stories

Story by: by Rod Auberti


The 10th Annual OK Tire North Shore Challenge was almost a carbon copy of the 1st Annual with rain on and off for Saturday but the weather was good on Sunday.

Doug Quinton broke on the line Friday night and Randy Quinton was hoping it was the rear end for some reason. Well, it wasn't Randy. With time and effort the transmission was changed before racing started on Saturday.

There were some new faces in the line up this year. Cam Fantasia made his debut in Eddy's roadster. Racing in Super Pro Cam the first round of elminations had Cam run against Mike Plastino. Losing the first round Cam bought back into the tree and had two wins before getting loaded on the trailer for round four. With more seat time we'll be sure to see more of Cam in the future.

In the Semi-Pro division on Sunday the quarter final round saw Fred Ellis run against Bernie Beavais Jr. Fred Ellis who was double entered had already placed his Cuda in the final round so with a win against Bernie would see Fred take first and second place, which would, I believe to be the first time in the history of the OK Tire North Shore Challenge. Bernie had some trouble at the top end and gave the win to Fred Ellis. This is the best finish Bernie has had since he started racing beating his sixth place finish in North Bay three weeks ago.

The sleds had Loggy Dinelle from Echo Bay lose the first round and after a buy back went to the final round and finished second.

Diesel Dave had a few good runs with his alcohol funny car. With a few glitches the first two passes, those got ironed out, and had Dave run his quickest time down the track taking a full second off his time from his first pass with the funny car. The wrap up on Sunday had Dave go up against the jet funny car of Diamond Jim. Diamond Jim won that round, but I'm sure that Dave is on his way to getting to finish line first. So we'll keep score between these two.

Away from the track, there was a lot of traffic around the Manzo trailer as Lori Manzo was up to her good deeds, which, Lori is a gem when it comes to dealing with people and children. With the help of Zellers, Lori was handing out pins, treats, and little teddy bears to all the young children that were walking by.

Thank you Lori from the bottom of our hearts. Hugs from all of your friends and of course we can't say enough about Zellers